Welcome to Cherry On The Icing

Hello fellow home bakers and food enthusiasts!

It’s been my long time wish to start a food and baking blog. I didn’t think I’d ever be ready to start one, so I just went ahead and did it! I mean there is nothing to lose, right? I’m a beginner here and still learning a lot of things, one of them being, photography skills.

Let me introduce myself first, I am Suchithra Ravishankar. I am an allopathic medical doctor, a psychologist, a home baker, an avid reader (of fiction and romance genre). I am a romantic person. I think food presented in a right way can also be romantic. Isn’t that why most relationships start with a dinner date? Good lighting, music, and food set the stage. Speaking of romance, I am married and have a 7 month old boy.

I bake whenever I can. It brings me great joy to bake. To see a whisked up batter rise into a beautiful cake. Baking is science, but it can also be magical to see a bread dough double in size, to see egg whites whip into cloud like foam, to see the flaky layers of a cut open croissant.

Some of my recent works. Top left- multigrain loaf; Top right- homemade soup sticks and pumpkin soup; Bottom left- eggless pineapple cake; Bottom Right- breakfast oat cookies; Centre- date and nut pinwheels.

A lot of people have been supportive of my baking (almost addition). Firstly, my pals from college who’d eat anything I make. Just to be nice (there was a time I made a pineapple gateau which was so bad! they ate it saying they’d call it a decent pudding because anyone could see that it definitely wasn’t a gateau). Trust me,  I have gotten a hell of a lot better since but some of these mates are in different parts of the world and unable to taste my good work now. My family has always been a pillar of strength. My dad,  husband and a close friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) are good critics of my work and have helped me improve. And of course, you readers. Without you guys, why would I even be writing this blog.

I’ve started to venture into healthy baking lately, because it’s trending right now and also because I am trying to lose my baby weight. But don’t worry, there will be regular recipes too. What good is life, if you can’t indulge in a sinful dessert now and then, right? Life is short. So live, love and enjoy the little pleasures.

Happy baking!


Suchithra Ravishankar.